2020 - 21 Underclass Award Recipients

Cum Laude Society Inductees

The Cum Laude Society was founded in 1906 to give appropriate recognition to scholastic achievement at the secondary school level. The society was modeled on Phi Beta Kappa, to encourage and reward the student scholar. The motto of the Cum Laude Society is based on the virtues of Areté (“Air eh tay”), Diké (“Dee Kay”), and Timé (“Tee May”) – Excellence, Justice and Honor.  

Membership is limited to a maximum of the top twenty percent of any graduating class. The basis for selection is academic achievement, rigor of academic program, and academic integrity.

Class of 2022 
Jai Ailawadi
YiYi Chen
Sebastian Holbrook
Sophia Lee
Anna Mayer
Theodore Urban
Divik Verma

President's Education Awards

 ** The President's Education Awards will be announced when grades are finalized on or about June 20th. Check back for updates. **

This award is presented to students who have earned at least an A- in all major academic courses for all four quarters of the current school year.
Class of 2022
Class of 2023
Class of 2024

Scholastic Scrimmage Team Recognition

Congratulations to the Quiz Bowl team for an outstanding year! Both the A and B teams enjoyed much success through their participation in five invitational tournaments.  The A Team continued to improve as the season progressed, placing 2nd in February’s and 1st in April’s varsity division of the Greater Pennsylvania Quiz Bowl Invitationals.  Divik Verma ‘22 was recognized in three of the tournaments as a top overall scorer. The B Team echoed these successes with a 2nd place finish in the junior varsity division in December and a 3rd place finish in March, with Yiyi Chen ‘22 earning a top overall scorer rating at two of the tournaments.

Both teams competed in the Small School National Championship Tournament in April, with A Team earning an astonishing 5th place finish.  Congratulations to Divik Verma, whose overall individual performance earned him a spot on the 2nd Team - All State.  Congratulations also to the A Team for their wins and close matches at the High School National Championship in May.  Though the departing senior members will be missed, the team looks forward to continued improvement and success in the fall.
A Team
Angela Chen ‘21 (Captain)
Eric Jackson ‘22
Samit Mohapatra ‘22
Grace Sanborn ‘21
Divik Verma ‘22

B  Team
DeDee Hoffman ‘21 (Co-Captain)
Yiyi Chen ‘22 (Co-Captain)
Chessie Bartolacci ‘24
Okezue Bell ‘23
Lily Eyvazzadeh ‘22
Sebastian Holbrook ‘22
Rayna Malhotra ‘24
Rohan Mehta ‘23
Maclaine Oskin ‘21
Joey Oltman ‘24
Wisdom Ufondu ‘23
Theo Urban ‘22

Science Bowl Team Recognition

Congratulations to the newly formed Science Bowl team, led by co-captains Okezue Bell ‘23 and Wisdom Ufondu ‘23.  The team diligently investigated and studied the science and math topics of competition on Thursday evenings through Zoom meetings, formulating a cohesive and unified team to send to the NJ Regional High School Science Bowl competition, which was held virtually in February 2021.  The team of Wisdom Ufondu ‘23, Okezue Bell ‘23, Theo Urban ‘22, Krish Gupta ‘24, and Joey Oltman ‘24 showed that they are a force to be reckoned with, finishing in good standing considering it was their first run.  The hard work and experiences of competition this year will surely bring improvement and more success next year.  Congratulations and good luck to the newfound Science Bowl team!

Okezue Bell ‘23 (Co-Captain)
Wisdom Ufondu ‘23 (Co-Captain)
Krish Gupta ‘24
Joey Oltman ‘24
Theo Urban ‘22

National French Contest Awards

Le Grand Concours, or the National French Contest, is sponsored each year by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students take an exam each spring to be ranked on regional and national levels. Moravian Academy French students once again met the challenge and achieved high distinction. While many more were ranked in the top 10 on the regional level, the following are those who received national recognition. It is striking to see how many students were recognized on a national level, since almost 30,000 exams were scored.  Félicitations!

Gold Medals

Level 2:
Ginevra Toso

Level 3:
Nora Ronan-Milz
Level 4:
Yiyi Chen


Silver Medals

Level 2:
Grace Baittinger

Level 3:
Rohan Mehta

Level 4:
Sam Greenberg
Sophie Lee

Bronze Medals

Level 2:
Emma Derby


Honorable Mention

Level 1:
Sunny Chen
Mayuka Karthik

Level 2:
Michael Baron
Lucia Cinquino
Marley Gardner

Level 3:
Anika Agrawal
Ali Humphreys
Kaitlyn Lee
Keira Smith
Adrian Vanegas

Level 4:
Samantha Abraham
Grace Burcaw
Christian Manja
Chloe Oudin

American Mathematics Competition Awards

Each year the Mathematical Association of America sponsors the American Mathematics Competitions -- a challenging 75-minute contest in which 25 questions must be answered without a calculator. Our top underclass scorers this year is Rohan Mehta.

Rohan Mehta
AMC 10 - Winner

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Award

The West Point Society of the Lehigh Valley established the Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award for Outstanding Leader of Character to recognize exceptional high school juniors in the vicinity of the Lehigh Valley who demonstrate outstanding leadership and performance in the areas of academics, athletics, community service, and citizenship. This year's recipient is:

Treyton Messman

Community Service Awards

These awards are presented to students in each grade to acknowledge extensive and excellent service records. Community Service Award recipients have demonstrated a deep commitment to one or more charitable organizations and have been outstanding representatives of Moravian Academy in the larger community. This year’s recipients are:

11th Grade
Eva Saramya

10th Grade
Gia Gupta

9th Grade
Rayna Malhotra

The W.E. Doster Award

Established by her father in honor of Beatrice Doster Otis, a 1912 graduate of the Moravian Seminary for Girls, this award is presented to a member of the junior class for superior achievement in literature. General Doster, a Civil War veteran, was a lawyer and businessman who served as General Counsel to the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company and was President of the New Street Bridge Company. This year’s recipient is:

Sebastian Holbrook

The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award

Established by the University of Rochester, the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award for the Humanities and Social Sciences is presented to a member of the junior class for outstanding achievements in the humanities and social sciences. This year’s recipient is:

Alison Riker

The Junior History Award

This award is presented by the Social Sciences Department to a member of the junior class for outstanding achievement in the study of History. This year's recipient is:

Samuel Carter

The Sophie Zumas Theatre Award

The Sophie Zumas Theatre Award, created by the Thulin family, is presented to junior students who have demonstrated exceptional ability and dedication for Theatre Arts both onstage and in the classroom. This year's recipients are:

Keira Smith

The Jo-Patricia Stiles Carlock '20 Awards

The Carlock Awards were established by Roger E. Carlock in memory of his mother, Joe-Patricia Stiles Carlock, who graduated from Moravian Seminary for Girls in 1920. This award is presented to members of the junior class who demonstrate the most interest and ability in Music and Studio Art. This year’s recipients are:


Sebastian Holbrook

Alison Riker


Owen Thierry

Max Sanchez-Josa
Grace Burcaw

All-State Orchestra Recognition

Congratulations to Elena Capobianco and Yan Yu, named to the Pennsylvania All-State High School Orchestra.

Elena Capobianco

Yan Yu

Rotary Club - Camp Neidig Scholarship Award

Each year the Rotary Club invites Moravian Academy to send students who demonstrate character, integrity, and leadership potential to a hands-on program that focuses on “Leaders of Tomorrow.”

This year, Anna Mayer, Sophia Brands, Sebastian Holbrook, and Jaxsen Miller have been selected to represent Moravian Academy at the Camp Neidig Leadership Program.

Anna Mayer

Sophia Brands

Sebastian Holbrook

Jaxsen Miller

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Medal

For more than 100 years, Rensselaer, in conjunction with high schools around the world, has awarded the Rensselaer Medal to promising secondary school students who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science. The Medal was first presented in 1916 with two purposes: to recognize the superlative academic achievement of young men and women, and to motivate students toward careers in science, engineering, and technology. This year's recipient is:

Gennaro Mazzella Di Bosco

The Paula C. Ward Leadership Award*

Is named in honor of Paula C. Ward for her many years of service to Moravian Academy. She was dedicated to all three divisions, giving freely of her time, energy, and enthusiasm. Created by the Parents’ Association and presented to a freshman in recognition of spirit and service to Moravian, this year, the Paula Ward Leadership Award is presented to:

Alicia Gordon

The Parents' Association Leadership Award*

This award, created by the Parents’ Association, is presented to a sophomore in recognition of leadership, spirit, and commitment to 
Moravian Academy. This year’s recipient is:

Anjali Shankar

The Bryn Mawr College President's Book Award*

Established by Bryn Mawr College, this award recognizes a young woman in the junior class who demonstrates an intense intellectual commitment, a purposeful vision of life, and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world. This year’s recipient is:

Katherine Shnier

The George Washington University Book Award*

Established by The George Washington University, this award recognizes a high school junior who embodies drive, spirit, academic excellence, leadership outside of the classroom, diversity of thought, and an ability to put knowledge into action. This year’s recipient is:

Anna Mayer

The Alumni Association Leadership Award*

This award is presented to a junior who has sacrificed time and energy to promote an enriching environment at and pride in Moravian Academy. In recognition of her outstanding attributes and contributions, this year’s recipient is:

Jamilie Atiyeh

The David and Miriam Devey Award*

Established to honor Mr. and Mrs. Devey for their extensive and outstanding service to Moravian Academy, this award is presented to two juniors for their leadership, spirit, and commitment to the school. This year’s recipients, selected by the Upper School faculty, are:

Grace Burcaw

Sebastian Holbrook
* Selected by the Faculty

Employees of Moravian Academy may not nominate members of their own family for awards, honors, or recognitions. Academy employees do not participate in meetings or discussions pertaining to awards presented to students in any family member's class year.

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