Curiosity Fueled

At Moravian Academy, we do more than teach the 3 R’s, high-level AP’s, and STEAM. In our outstanding academic program challenging subject matter is just the beginning. We also develop students’ curiosity and creativity, problem-solving and perseverance, critical thinking, empathy, and spirituality—laying the groundwork not merely to succeed but to thrive.

Graduation requirements for a Moravian Academy diploma:
  • English (Grades 9, 10) and semester electives (Grades 11, 12)
  • Algebra (1& 2) and Geometry
  • Biology, Chemistry, and (1) other lab science
  • World History 1 & 2, United States History
  • Global Language (3 years)
  • Ethics
  • Fine and Performing Arts (3 years)
  • Health
  • Physical Education or Participation In Team Sport (4 years)


Many clubs and activities meet during and after school hours, including Model Congress, Model UN, International Club, Scholastic Scrimmage, Science Olympiad, Debate Club, literary magazine, and yearbook. Special programs in theater, vocal and instrumental music, and visual arts are available to all students. 
Opportunities for leadership are available through Student Council, MA Ambassadors who volunteer on behalf of the Admissions Office, and Pride Mentors, who offer guidance to younger students. Community service is also an integral part of school life. Seniors are required to complete 40 hours of service in order to graduate.

During the 2019-20 school year, students will have the opportunity to travel to Belgium, Luxembourg, and France; Lima and Cusco or Beijing and Xi’an over spring break. Through exchange programs, they will also have the opportunity to host students from France and Guatemala. 

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus