Unique Learning Opportunities

At Moravian Academy, we have created an educational program that will prepare our students to thrive in a changing world. The Signature Programs highlighted here represent some the most distinctive ways in which we nurture the strengths we see as essential.

Developing Cultural Insight and a Global Perspective
Tomorrow’s graduates will make their way in an increasingly interconnected world—truly a global community and economy. They will leave Moravian Academy well prepared to do so, equipped with fluency in world languages and empowered through encounters with many cultures.

World Languages—Excellence in language instruction, beginning with Spanish in prekindergarten and continuing through the advanced placement level in Chinese, French, and Spanish

Spanish Immersion—A Lower School program offering the opportunity to develop early fluency, with instruction entirely in Spanish

Global Exchanges—Upper School programs offering one- to two-month experiences through partner institutions in France, Spain, and Guatemala

Cultural Events—Introducing the school community to food, music, and traditions from cultures around the world

Communicating Skillfully in Varied Media 
The power to express ideas clearly and persuasively ranks among the most valuable of skills. At Moravian Academy, we build ability in writing and public speaking as well as facility with iMovies and PowerPoints, multimedia websites, and live TV broadcasts—developing a complete portfolio of communications tools.

Focus on Writing—Taught as a process at every grade level, with extensive practice and individual feedback

Moravian Academy Broadcasting Company & Middle School Broadcasting Group—Lower and Middle School TV news services, teaching communications skills and teamwork on camera and behind the scenes

Video Production Program—Teaching Upper School students the tools of film, video, and digital media

Film Festival—A week-long showcase featuring dozens of works from all grade levels

Unlocking Powers of Imagination and Self-Expression
In the Innovation Economy, creativity is not only a wonderful gift to be cherished, but also an employable asset. In many ways, our curriculum immerses students in the experiences of creation and appreciation, recognizing that each has valuable abilities to nurture. Suzuki Strings—Violin and cello instruction beginning in kindergarten.

Theater Program—From Lower School plays, to a Middle School improv group, to Upper School main stage productions 

Handbell Choirs—Lower, Middle, and Upper School groups practicing this uniquely beautiful and collaborative form 

Woodworking Studio—The chance to develop skills to a high level working with a nationally recognized artist 

Coffeehouse—Our annual Upper School variety show featuring more than 100 performers

Meeting Complex, Open-Ended Challenges
The most important challenges in work and in life have nothing to do with fill-in-the-blanks. The Moravian Academy experience is about meeting these challenges. Students engage in project-based learning, working independently and collaboratively to understand complex problems and shape solutions.

Comenius Projects—In-depth independent research projects, from Navajo history to the art of fluid dynamics

Interscholastic Competitions—From the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and LEGO League robotics challenges to Model UN

Sustainability—An exceptional, school-wide commitment to understanding and implementing best practices

Technology—State-of-the-art tools applied to every task and integrated into learning, with signature 1-to-1 iPad and laptop programs.

Growing in Character and Leadership
At Moravian Academy, we guide young people through a process of growth, embracing shared ideals and striving every day to put these ideals into action.

Chapel—An opportunity for students and faculty in each division to learn about a variety of beliefs and faith traditions 

Community Service—A school-wide commitment, with activities beginning in the earliest grades

Romero Center Urban Challenge—A weekend service-learning experience in an underprivileged Camden, NJ, community

ALUP—An initiative to foster an Atmosphere of Love and Understanding across our campuses, bringing this essential phrase from our mission statement to life

Venturing Beyond Classroom Walls 
We strive to link ideas from the classroom with the wider world, setting out on voyages of discovery and inviting inspiring guests to campus. As a result, our students see the relevance of the lessons we learn—lessons made memorable by their connections to life.

Lower School Field Trips—From Gettysburg to the Broad Street Fire Station, and from a local tree farm to a Bach at Noon performance, with overnight trips each year starting in third grade

Rocketry on Wallops Island—An applied learning experience in which Middle School students launch rockets and visit a NASA flight facility

Outdoor Education Program—An Upper School program offering hiking, backpacking, and whitewater paddling through day trips and overnight adventures

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