Student-Centered Original Research Experience

At Moravian Academy, students dive into deeper learning through research-based projects. In the Lower School, theme-based projects are chosen by the teacher and at the Upper School, FIRE and Comenius independent research projects are chosen solely by the student. In seventh grade, Middle School students undertake a research-based personal learning initiative as part of the Student-Centered Original Research Experience (SCORE), which provides a learning bridge between the lower and upper school experience.

During SCORE, each student is encouraged to choose a research topic that sparks a deep personal curiosity and turn it into a project that is meaningful and purposeful. One student may write and illustrate a book for their project while another student designs an app and yet another creates a TED-style video. Students will use the Stripling Model of Inquiry to guide their learning which mimics the Learner’s Journey circle at the heart of Moravian Academy’s Strategic Vision: A Culture of Curiosity.
    • stripling model of inquiry

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