Curriculum Overview

The Middle School experience at Moravian Academy is profoundly empowering. Through a program combining ample challenge with strong support, we guide students in becoming confident learners and promising young leaders, ready in every way for their Upper School experience.  

The Middle School recognizes the importance of a strong partnership among teacher, student, and parent. As students enter the Middle School in sixth grade, the adults in this three-way collaboration naturally lead the way. By eighth grade, the student, more independent and self-directed, should be ready to step forward. In the key years of growth in between, our educators focus on making this transition successful. We guide students in taking on greater individual responsibility. We help them build the organizational and study skills needed to meet an increasing level of academic challenge. And, most importantly, we work carefully to provide each with the level of structure and support he or she needs at each point in time, recognizing that students follow different pathways to maturity.

Both rigorous and rich, the Middle School program builds thoughtfully on the foundation of Lower School, and prepares directly for the demands of the Upper School. Students develop the skills and discipline to manage a growing workload and to plan and carry out longer-term projects.

Students also build impressive academic skills, learning to identify key ideas in a text or argument, to draw subtle inferences, and to marshal evidence in support of their views. At each stage, the goal is to become adept in more abstract and sophisticated thinking.

Merle Smith Campus

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