Welcome to the Lower School

Every morning and afternoon, as I greet our children at the front door, I am inspired by their excitement, curiosity, and kindness toward me and their classmates. In the morning, they rush through the doors to greet their teachers, and in the afternoon they happily deliver daily highlights while passing me with hands full of 3-dimensional science creations or violin cases streaming past my wave, hand shake, or fist pump. The joy of school is palpable, from the morning to the end of the day. Moravian Academy’s Lower School is a place where student ideas are maximized, teachers’ expectations are realized, and parents' hopes and dreams for their children are met.
Teachers really do ignite a love of learning at the Lower School. Every day, one of the following can be seen unfolding in and around the classroom: hands-on activities, collaborative projects, guest speakers, assemblies, music, art, outdoor play, field trips, or community service, to name a few. At Moravian we know that students thrive in an atmosphere of love, understanding, and adventure. Guided carefully by caring teachers, the children learn to embody confidence, discipline, integrity, and empathy.
We welcome you to explore our website, which illuminates the vibrancy and talent of our students, faculty, and staff, the quality of our curriculum, and the depth of our school vision and community. I also invite you to visit our campus to experience first-hand our curious minds at work. You will most definitely be smiling and inspired when you do.
Susan Parent, Lower School Director

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus