Supporting Students' Health & Well-Being

The Middle School Student Support Team (SST) is “a student-centered problem-solving team that creates support strategies to meet the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our students, teachers, and community so that they thrive in mind, body, and spirit.” This team meets regularly to review and determine how best to support students, including those with academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and/or medical challenges. The team is led by our Lower and Middle School Director of Support Services, Kristi Johnson, and is composed of:

  • Elizabeth Zhe, School Psychologist
  • Toni Woods Maignan, School Nurse
  • Grade Dean for Sixth Grade
  • Grade Dean for Seventh Grade
  • Grade Dean for Eighth Grade
  • Dean of Students
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Director of the Middle School
At the Lower School, we are fortunate to employ a full-time nurse Mrs. Toni Woods Maignan BS, BSN, RN,  who is ocated in the Main Building of the Lower School and tends to the daily health needs of students, manage special needs, and help to oversee dietary issues and allergies by maintaining close communication with the dining team and teachers. She also serves on the Student Support Team. Mrs. Woods Maignan carefully maintains students' health and attendance records and is available to answer any questions or health concerns a student or parent may have.

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus