At Moravian Academy, one of the four focus areas of our Culture of Curiosity strategic vision is personal learning. We believe that under the expert guidance of our teachers who are attuned to independent thinking, our students can become agents of their own learning by finding passions, developing internal motivations, and learning how to learn. In the lower school, one of the ways we incorporate personal learning is through the Lucy Calkins literacy program which is comprised of benchmarking and workshopping

Lucy Calkins is an approach to reading instruction which recognizes that “one size fits all” does not match the realities of our classrooms. In order to create student specific reading plans, we use benchmarking, a one-on-one assessment given in order for the teacher to observe and identify the specific literacy behaviors of each student. Once a teacher identifies an instructional reading level for each student they can plan appropriate goals to support the child’s reading progress. The program promotes explicit instruction followed by ample time for students to engage in “just right” texts.

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