Moravian Academy is a church-related school whose Moravian tradition affirms that young people best realize their potential in an atmosphere of love and understanding. We seek to promote the child's full development in mind, body, and spirit. Since 1742 the school has encouraged sound innovations to meet contemporary challenges while recognizing the permanence of basic human values.

Moravian Academy seeks to fulfill its mission by pursuing the following goals:
  • Provide a strong academic foundation in preparation for college work.
  • Help students develop self-respect, dignity, and a concern and respect for others.
  • Promote creativity and an appreciation of aesthetic values.
  • Help students to develop their physical skills and encourage positive attitudes about health and fitness.
  • Engage students in experiences that will develop maturity, independence, adaptability, integrity, and love of learning.
  • Help students to become aware of the spiritual dimension of life and further their understanding of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • Encourage students and their parents to recognize their responsibilities in the educational process and demonstrate their commitment to the purposes and goals of Moravian Academy. 


After 276 years in the Lehigh Valley, and amid dynamic changes in education and in America, we see with a clear vision that an unwavering commitment to the student experience is what will sustain Moravian Academy to our 300th year and beyond. Our goal remains constant: to prepare young people to thrive in the world they will inherit.

Our Vision
Moravian Academy will shape the student experience around curiosity and the deeply intellectual, personal, and lifelong growth it inspires.


The CULTURE of CURIOSITY video below and share in our excitement.



The Board of Trustees of Moravian Academy believes that educational excellence depends upon understanding and valuing the unique way each member of the Moravian Academy community experiences our shared human journey. Consistent with the Moravian Church’s historic tradition of acceptance across many markers of human difference, the Trustees commit to a leadership role in fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable educational environment. While encountering difference can be challenging, a holistic and exceptional education demands nothing less. It is necessary for both personal growth and professional achievement to engage and understand different perspectives and identities.
Adopted by unanimous vote, October 2019

Board of Trustees

Chris Weiler, Board Chair
Lori Schoeneman, Board Vice-Chair
Larry Eighmy, Treasurer
Greg Scagliotti '96SS, Secretary

Amy Ahart
Rebecca Binder
Barbara Dietterich
Mike Hilton
Sima Hodavance
Fatima Jaffar
Joe Landrigan
Matt McQueen '99MA
Charles Nifong
Kristin Noonan Hutchins '02SS/'06MA
Christine Perrucci
Kevin Rea
Christian Rice
Carole Schachter '76MA
Karley Biggs Sebia '00MA
Scott Seymour
Matt Tuerk
Mary Wilford-Hunt

Jeff Zemsky, Moravian Academy Head of School*
Armistead Webster, Swain School Head of School *

*ex officio

Merle Smith Campus

Downtown Campus