Lehigh Valley Summerbridge

Building Brighter Futures

Lehigh Valley Summerbridge (LVS) is a free, non-profit enrichment program hosted by Moravian Academy that is designed to assist predominantly low income students, from nine different middle schools in the Lehigh Valley, in their quest to become a college student. These students, comprised of both genders, a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds, and multilingual speakers are likely to be first generation college attendees and graduates. Rising seventh grade students voluntarily apply to the program; their applications are reviewed during a rigorous screening process, and once accepted, students commit to two full years in the program.

Accepted students attend two six-week summer programs:
  • one prior to seventh grade and one prior to eighth grade
  • receive tutoring sessions every other Saturday during both school years
Our History
Established in 1993, Lehigh Valley Summerbridge (LVS) serves economically deprived and academically talented seventh and eighth grade students throughout the Lehigh Valley. Over 650 students have actively participated in the Lehigh Valley Summerbridge program. more than 95 percent of our faculty become full-time teachers upon graduation. 
Summer Program (June 13th-July 29th)
Lehigh Valley Summerbridge students attend a rigorous six-week program taught entirely by high school and college students. Summerbridge is an enrichment program. Students are introduced to new material; the program is not remedial. Academic classes, with an average of 6-8 students, focus on pre-algebra mathematics, expository writing, literature, and laboratory science. Special summer events include: community service projects, a talent show, a weekly speaker's series, an Olympics game day, and an end of the summer celebration.

School Year Program - Summerbridge Saturdays
During the school year, Summerbridge students receive tutoring every other Saturday from area high school and college student-volunteers at Moravian Academy's Middle School. Together, they complete homework, study for tests, and work on projects. In addition, each student completes an enrichment activity. Students also participate in monthly field trips including a hayride, laser tag, bowling, ice skating, hiking, the movies, and a tour of a local college.

The Best Thing About Summerbridge

We all love learning. Teachers and students alike come to Summerbridge to grow as people and to learn. As we get to know ourselves and each other, we discover that while we may feel awkward and unsure of ourselves sometimes, we aren't alone. We are all a little bit weird and silly and strange and awesome. And when we come together at Summerbridge, we don't just learn science and math and literature and writing, we learn about who we want to become and how to feel comfortable in our own skin. At Summerbridge we celebrate each teacher and student for exactly who they are.
Jarred Weaver, Director 
4313 Green Pond Rd.
Bethlehem, PA 18020

Free SAT Prep!

Introducing free SAT prep for our alumni students in grades nine through 12. Moravian Academy seniors Vivek Katara and Samuel Li are offering classes for high school students of all grades and skill levels to improve math, reading, and writing skills. 

To attend, please email kataralisat@gmail.com.

To learn more, visit www.kataralisat.wordpress.com.

When: Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Moravian Academy's Upper School, Merle-Smith Campus, 4313 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Moravian Academy

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