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Lehigh Valley Summerbridge
Lehigh Valley Summerbridge (LVS) is a non-profit program hosted by Moravian Academy. More than 80 middle school students from throughout the Lehigh Valley enroll in two summers of enrichment classes and two years of after-school tutoring. LVS assists middle school students with academic potential and limited resources to enter and succeed in college preparatory programs.
At LVS, high school and college students teach and mentor middle school students. Lehigh Valley Summerbridge encourages students to take responsibility for their own education and for the education of others.

Our History
Established in 1993, Lehigh Valley Summerbridge (LVS) serves economically deprived and academically talented seventh and eighth grade students throughout the Lehigh Valley. Over 650 students have actively participated in the Lehigh Valley Summerbridge program. more than 95 percent of our faculty become full-time teachers upon graduation. 

Our students are seventh and eighth grade boys and girls from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. They are highly motivated and seek out opportunities for educational enrichment. Ninety-five percent of our graduates go on to attend college.
They represent the following middle schools:
In Allentown: Harrison-Morton, Raub, and Holy Infancy Middle Schools
In Bethlehem: Broughal, East Hills, Nitschmann, and Northeast Middle Schools
In Easton: Easton Middle School

Our teachers are recruited from local and national colleges and universities; a select number are high school students. Most Summerbridge teachers wish to pursue a career in teaching and more than ninety percent of former Summerbridge teachers become full-time teachers upon graduation. 

During the school year, area high school and college students can volunteer their time with our more than 90 students as a tutor with LVS. Tutors meet with their students one or more days a week after school to go over homework, study skills, enrichment activities, and community service projects.

The after school tutoring sites are held at each of our partner schools throughout the Lehigh Valley. In addition, Summerbridge has several volunteer positions available in our summer program. To inquire about volunteering opportunities, call 610-865-8072.

To apply for a summer teaching position, click HERE.
Jarred Weaver, Director 
4313 Green Pond Rd.
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Contact Information
Jarred Weaver, Director 

4313 Green Pond Rd.
Bethlehem, PA 18020